Monday, 22 October 2012

If you are not getting the desired results?

If you have an open mind,reasonably strong desire factor, and do not have a hearing impediment they will work  for you. Above all else be patient and give it time to work.

One of the main reasons why you may not be able to work the tracks is a pre conceived idea as to what the best form of hypnosis is?

You may think of yourself as an Ericksonian  type, or prefer indirect hypnosis or metaphor based hypnosis. I use a more direct style based on years of clinical work and successful results.

So the questions that have to be asked are;

How often have you listened?
How have you listened?in other words have you been doing something else at the same time?
Have you been alone when listening?
Have there been any distractions?
Do you allow yourself to relax?
Have you been put off by a stage show or film?
Are you really ready for change?
Do you think hypnosis is a magic wand and no desire factor is required?
Have you experienced an arm leviatation?
Have you downloaded the track correctly?
Do you have pre conceived ideas about what you think hypnosis is? or should be.

Are you experiencing high levels of stress in your life at present?.

Are you really committed to making changes or on the other hand are you trying too hard?
Have you used the online back up and coaching  which is personally provided and can tailor solutions if required

Have you used the extensive information provided such as

3 most common asked questions (on this blog)
How to get the best (on the website)
Most frequestly asked questions etc ( on the website)
Have you looked at the audio visual on the site?

Finally most important of all have you communicated any lack of progress so we can help you?
All questions are answered personally not by an auto -responders.

Sam Weller SQHO

Friday, 31 August 2012

Weight loss tracks feedback

Dear Sam

I have really enjoyed your Hypnotic Tracks Ultimate Weight Loss Package course and I am beginning to loose weight easily and naturally without going on a starvation type diet for the first time. I have been using all the resources available and  I have found all elements of the programme have helped me through.

Thank you

Alison Pile

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Weight loss testimonial

The track is so easy to listen to. Hypnotracks is a to the point method ( no imagining beaches & naff music) Sam has a soothing tone to his voice which is the key to relaxing. And boy do you relax, deeply.

I have tried other hypnotherapy sessions without sucess yet after the first time listening to the weight loss track the message is in my head. There is no fighting with your conscience. You are happy to eat healthily! I do not need to talk myself out of snacks or treats as I do not want them any more. I am astounded at at the speed of my progress & it is all due to hypnotracks. I have invested in more cd's but wish to concentrate on the weight loss for now.

As an added benefit I have discovered that the deep state of relaxation I can achieve is aiding work related back/ shoulder & neck pain. The track enables you to quickly & totally relax your whole body leaving you feeling like you've had a full nights sleep in half an hour. It is transforming my life. I've shed 6lb in 2 weeks.

Thanks Sam

Anne Dixon md

Salon owner

Friday, 16 March 2012

How do I know that I am hypnotised?

There are 14 indicators of trance state
8 common
6 more obscure

The common ones are

Tingly feelings in hands and feet
Eye lacrimation
Time distortion

Your depth of trance improves  each time you listen.Better the quality of relaxation thus more access to the subconscious  mind the better the results.

Always feel free to ask questions and engage with us.