Thursday, 18 July 2013

Free online NLP certificate course.

For every track purchased you will receive a free NLP online certificate course.


After purchase  we will send you a unique voucher code example WATNLP1234

You can then download your course at leisure at


NB Please note the 2 free tracks with the course are only applicable if you bought the course direct and paid £250

Also the offer does not apply to discount deals unless stated.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hi Sam. 
Just want to say thank you for these tracks, I bought them over two years and find them excellent, it takes time to use them right but the benefits are fantastic. 

 I decided to use them again recently but for some reason I could only play the first few minutes, I contacted Sam and he went out of his way to help, he emailed all tracks to me again within 24 hours!!! I really can't thank him enough. This is what customer service is....

I would recommend these tracks to anyone and the variety of tracks available is expanding and very reasonably priced. 

Thanks again Sam. 

Linda  Quearney

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Course comments

Hello Sam,

Thanks again for a fantastic few months. I am very excited and positive about my new venture. Here are a few comments that I would like you to include on your website.

Sam is an inspirational and motivational person who has delivered this course with flair, humour and rigorous professional regard. With utmost pateience he has quenched my ever thirsty desire for knowledge and understanding. His extensive knowledge, anecdotal evidence and personal rapport has inspired me to embark on my own pathway to success.

For anyone considering a career or interest in hypnotherapy then this is the course for you. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Colette Cassin - Davies B.A. hons PGATCE ( Head of Art )

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tracks not working

Some technical guide, which I hope will help.

My sound engineer has checked them continuously on all platforms

However for starters and to get you started on your programmes, we can absolutely guarantee that you can play your tracks from a Desktop or Laptop or a Mac

Quite often the problem is a connection/download issue of some sort. A slow Internet connection for example or maybe the hardware. Human error sometimes plays a part.

Whenever we have checked samples submitted our sound engineer has found them to be working perfectly well.

Anyway for some more information which will help;

Please refer to

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

If requested we will resend another package.