Saturday, 24 May 2014

How to get the best from your tracks continued.

One thing I have learnt in 25 years of being a hypnotherapist is that preparation of the client for an induction is key critical.

So I have tried to create a structure with the tracks which is as near to 121 hypnotherapy as you can get. 

If you are with a client it is relatively easy to ensure a successful session. 

Working with someone at a distance by using a track is harder, as you cannot exactly shape how they will use the online session?. 

Plenty of information is provided on the site with online coaching as well. However not everybody uses it.

What also helps is not having a pre conceived idea as to the type of hypnosis you may think you are best suited to.

Hypnotherapy as a tool to obtaining results is an educational and repetitive process. 

The key to a successful 121 session is how you prepare the client to receive suggestions for relaxation. 

Therefore if the information provided  on the site and by myself for an online session, is used then a successful outcome is much more likely to  be experienced.