Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Voucher not working

The redemptions system will allow unlimited attempts at downloading your tracks using a voucher code 

Once redeemed a pop up will also appear on your screen with the tracks. The tracks are sent by email to the designated email address as well.

We have regular hourly sweeps to tidy up including weekends and Bank Holidays.

Main problems are;

Incorrect email address input. (Very common) The tracks will go to the email address that you input (we have copies of all emails sent and so will redirect)

Incorrect code input i.e. security code and not voucher code. Example GWL1234567 etc is a correct code as it has an identification prefix (GWL).

Correct code input incorrectly.

Redemption section cannot be found (highlighted red on the site as redemption section)

Email goes to junk folder.

Then various other factors related to the use of computers and various platforms. Emails lost etc.

If all else fails send us a copy of your voucher and we shall redeem it for you.