Thursday, 22 March 2018

Ultimate Weight Loss Package

This package consists of weight loss tracks, modules and a bonus NLP course.  The tracks cover weight loss, how to keep it off, exercise, sweet tooth, comfort eating and so on.

There is no set formula as everyone is different.

My suggestion is to start with weight loss, which is a good, generic track and has stood the test of time.

Listen to the tracks as often and whenever you can... "the more you listen, the more you will benefit"

The six weight loss modules will arrive weekly after you have redeemed your tracks . They contain a lot of useful information as to what to eat, when, food types and measurements.  All the information you require.

Online coaching and back up is available, and there is, upon request, an NLP online course consisting of twelve modules.

Sam Weller
Senior Qualification In Hypnotherapy Practise (GHR)

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